About the book

This book is about optimised benefit realisation, and how to produce a Business Case that supports this objective.

Why is this relevant? What can this book bring to the table that previous books have not succeeded in doing?

There are several studies, and even more articles, about why projects fail. In general, these studies show that two-thirds of all projects are not completed within agreed the time and/or budget and/or to the required level of quality. One of the root causes of the failed projects was unclear business objectives. These business objects are documented in the Business Case, and include ‘why we are doing this initiative’. If the Business Case is missing, the project manager and all of resources related to the project have no clear guidance. This could end up in de-focused decisions, add unnecessary complexity to the project, add unnecessary cost, prevent any focus on realisation the benefits, etc.

Hopefully, this book will spark an interest in learning more about the Business Case and about Benefits Management, including Business Manage-ment, Stakeholder Management, Change Management, Financial Management, Risk Management, Financial Management and Presentation Management – all supported by national and international standards and the tools supported.

Chapter overview:

Book overview


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